Michael Cox

Visiting Associate Research Scientist
Room 3259, A.V. Williams Building
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (Computer Science)

Michael T. Cox is a visiting associate research scientist in UMIACS.

Previously, Cox was a program manager in the Information Innovation Office at DARPA. He has also served as a senior computer scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA, and as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science at Wright State University in Dayton, OH.

Cox has broad research interests in artificial intelligence and cognitive systems with respect to high-level reasoning in humans and machines. Technical areas include goal-driven autonomy, volitional explanation, multistrategy learning, case-based reasoning, story understanding, mixed-initiative planning, and computational introspection/metareasoning. In particular, he is interested in how deliberative goals affect behavior across all of these processes. For all cognitive mechanisms, he seeks to understand how goals arise and how they change over time.

Cox received his doctorate in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996.


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